Estes Saddlery

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Estes Saddlery only uses the best of materials when creating a new saddle. Everything begins with the saddle tree. A true, custom saddle should have a top quality tree. It’s the foundation of everything else. Ted has fine-tuned the process of fitting the horse and rider to ensure that both are as comfortable as possible. A horse’s conformation is not static, but rather dynamic and not only changes over time, but also changes as the horse moves. The goal is to properly fit a “type” of build in regards to the tree. In order to do this correctly, Ted uses top-tier tree makers like Warren Wright and Rick Reed. These men are among the most respected tree makers out there, and rightfully so. Proper communication between the saddle maker and tree maker is a must, and Ted has established a trusted relationship with these tree makers over the years.

In regards to skirting leather, there are two choices- Hermann Oak and Wickett and Craig. While each of these leathers have their own set of distinct qualities, they are the absolute best leathers being produced today- no exceptions.

Finally, the rigging is another important consideration. Ted feels that Dale Harwood and HorseShoe Brand (Jeremiah Watt) are the best choices for rigging and uses them exclusively.

When choosing Ted to create your custom saddle, please know that there will be no compromises when it comes to top quality, neither in materials nor in construction.