Welcome to Estes Saddlery

Custom Handmade Western Saddles and Tack by Ted Estes of Ball Ground, Georgia



"...the workmanship, balance and overall quality is excellent..." ~ Bruce Slusher Horsemanship

"I realized all these years of riding and I have never really ridden a good saddle, now I have. You've ruined me forever...!" ~ Greg, GA

"...most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen, not to mention the workmanship...the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in."~ Anita, IL

"I simply cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the saddle!! It's such a gem...it is sooooo comfortable and fits so perfectly..." ~ Amy, Washington

"I'm extremely impressed with your workmanship and the leather. This is one top notch saddle, one big horn and I love it." ~ Richard

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Welcome to Estes Saddlery

Ted only uses top quality leather,
trees and hardware. His goal is to make high-quality rugged saddles for
all of your trail riding and/or working needs, but never sacrificing
comfort. Most all of Ted’s saddles have been sold the instant the
customer sits in one. Each seat is delicately shaped to fit a rider who
wants a saddle he/she can ride in all day with comfort. Special
attention is given to every detail of a Ted Estes saddle.

If you are tired of buying production
saddle after production saddle and still have not found one that suits
all of your needs, it’s time to consider a custom made saddle.

NO production saddle could ever
compare to one that is handmade by one maker from inside out, neither in
quality, durability, nor comfort.


Ted Estes
“..the workmanship, balance
and overall quality is excellent. Ted uses the best of everything when
he makes a saddle, and this one is no exception. His workmanship and
attention to detail are amazing. T
his saddle not only looks great, but
rides and fits the horses even better than it looks. Very comfortable
from day-one and just keeps getting better. The beauty and balance are
second to none.” Bruce says it’s the most comfortable saddle he’s ever
ridden! ~

Bruce Slusher Horsemanship

A custom handmade saddle is the best investment a
serious rider could ever make!!  When you buy a custom handmade
saddle by Ted Estes, you will have a saddle for life!

A Cowboy’s End
Hands are calloused, steps are slow
So much has changed he just doesn’t know.
Working, cowboying all his life
No time for kids, no time for wife.
Drawing nearer to final trails end
His old mustang his closest friend.
Should he meet his fate today
He knows the Life, the Truth, the Way.
Looking back upon his trail
He loved this life he knew so well.
One last time he saddles his steed
To leave a will there is no need.
He acquired but little in this life
A saddle, a rifle, some spurs a knife.
A modern church he can’t afford
Down in the canyon he meets his Lord.
And now he rests, his work is done
The struggle over, the victory won.
He joined the chosen in Beulah Land
Steps are swift, no calloused hand.

Written By Tony Lamar
Estes, 2006

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